What we do - Core services

With the combination of artisans holding extensive knowledge and experience in the art of crafting wood and earth, we offer our clients the following products and services -


  • Outdoor architectural Seating - Orbis - Verso - Oti
  • Bespoke Garden Office
  • Raised sleeper planters


  • CAD design
  • Garden design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Carpentry & Joinery
  • Outdoor Lighting solutions
  • Landscaping
  • Groundworks & Drainage
  • Aftercare service


“I am very pleased with the work carried out so far. Alex and Stuart are hard working and take a lot of pride in what they do. They are creative and informative and the standard of workmanship is outstanding.
Steven Davis

What we do - Core services


Outdoor Seating structures - Orbis - Verso - Oti

X-scapes design, manufacture and install their range of outdoor seating structures that can be utilised in many different outdoor environments.

Bespoke Garden Room

On request X-scapes can design and build a bespoke Garden Room with all aspects of outdoor living included into the project to create a personalised outdoor office space.

Raised sleeper planters

X-scapes design and manufacture raised planters and flowerbeds, using our knowledge of working with vertical timber sections we can produce many flowing shapes and contemporary designs.


CAD Design

A bespoke CAD service can help you visualise the potential of your outdoor space. With the aid of 3D renders we can guide you along a path to transform an idea into a detailed design concept.

Garden design

A service to assist you with the transformation of your outdoor space. Whether providing a complete garden design or a partial design that introduces an X-scapes feature into an existing landscaped garden.

Landscape Architecture

X-scapes Landscape architecture is the art and practice of designing an outdoor environment, especially designing parks and public spaces to harmonize with buildings, roads, water and landform.


Whether it’s seating or a Pergola our bespoke joinery service covers all aspects of carpentry and Joinery.

Outdoor Lighting solutions

Lighting schemes using, IP rated LED’s to illuminate seating areas, enhance a design feature or defining the route of path, X-scapes believe there are many advantages in having lighting included to help create an ambient environment while entertaining into the evening.


A hard and soft landscaping service offering you the choice of implementing a complete garden design or the blending of an X-scapes element into an already established garden.


Groundworks involves site clearance ready for foundations, drainage and electrical services in preparation for an X-Scapes installation.


French drains along with a soakaway system can be installed into seating areas to allow the free drainage of excess rain water away from low lying areas.

Aftercare service

X-Scapes provides a professional maintenance service that will keep your seating structure in optimum condition throughout the year.

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