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What does F.S.C mean ?

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-profit, multi-stakeholder organization established in 1993 to promote responsible management of the world’s forests. The FSC does this by setting standards on forest products, along with certifying and labeling them as eco-friendly.

What does CoC mean ?

The Chain of Custody (CoC) system allows the tracking of FSC certified material from the forest to the consumer. It is a method by which companies can show their commitment to the environment and responsible forest management. Only companies that have FSC chain of custody certification are allowed to use the FSC trademarks and labels to promote their products. The FSC label therefore provides a link between responsible production and responsible consumption and helps the consumer to make socially and environmentally responsible buying decisions.

Why do you use Larch?

X-Scapes use fresh cut native Larch timber because of its rich resin content, which helps naturally preserve it against the elements and it is relatively good for machining.

Do you use old reclaimed sleepers?

No, we do not use these, as they have been treated with creosote which contain toxins that can be harmful in the environments we create. X-Scapes source new freshly cut Larch sleepers.

How do you Manufacture the timber structures.

The manufacturing process starts with the breakdown of a final design into construction drawings. In the workshop we use this data to calibrate and process the individual timber components. Each piece of the jigsaw is faceted, angled and cut to length to bring the structure to the next stage of dry assembly to double check quality and ensure all measurements and angles are accurate. Finally it is broken down, edges sanded and colour treated ready for installation.

Why do you line the inside of your raised planters?

A impermeable membrane is included into our planters so moisture cannot leach into the timber sections that could cause rot and decay over a period of time.

There is not a structure that meets my needs in your collection range?

That ‘s not a problem X-Scapes offer a bespoke design service that can help you create your unique personalised seating structure. Please contact us to arrange a free consultation.

Are there options on different colour finishes available?

X-Scapes can provide a colour swatch of water based antifungal coloured stains, These can further protect the wood from fungus, algae and decay.

How do the Stains work

Stains are pigmented finishes that provide color and protection against UV rays. Some are water repellent and may include preservatives and mildewcide. They come in water-based formulations. Service life is typically one to three years, depending of the surface textures, exposure to elements and previous applications.

Are treatments environmentally friendly?

Yes, all our wood treatments contain no harmful elements that are dangerous to the environment. The products we use are water based and are child, pet and plant friendly.

Why X-scapes avoid concreting structures in the ground?

X-Scapes will not use concrete to secure their structures into the ground because this process does not allow the wood to breathe which will lead to the wood to decay and start rotting, this is something we want to avoid and why all our structures are constructed above ground level, if any elements are below ground level we will use a membrane and gravel to allow the wood cells breathe.(Hygroscopic)

How do you fasten your structures to the ground?

There are two options to fasten X-scapes structures to the ground.

1. With larger structures carrying more weight X-Scapes secure the walls to concrete pads that are set at key points into the substrate helping to distribute the structures load.

2. With smaller structures a ground bolt system is used securing the structure directly to the ground on a bed of gravel.

What is the ground bolt system and how does it work?

We secure all our structures using a ground bolt system. This is basically a 400mm- 600mm corkscrew shaped bolt that is hammered into the ground, then is fastened to the side of the structure wall to stop any lateral movement, keeping your structure safe and secure.

What's involved with the on site survey.

X-Scapes will carry out a site survey, before any construction work is carried out. with the use of specialised equipment we scan for any underground cables and pipes, before starting any groundworks and levelling of the site ready for the structure. If soil conditions dictate, a french drain / soakaway may be required to allow for any excess rainwater to drain away.

Larger structures carrying significantly more weight may require levelled concrete pads in key locations, ensuring a stable foundation. If electrical work for sockets or LED lighting are a chosen option for your design, a trench at least 600mm deep will be excavated from the nearest power source to the structure site to enable armoured cable to be safely laid. All regulations involving electric and water are strictly observed. And all works are carried out by fully qualified electrician.

What is the on site installation.

When X-Scapes carry out any installations they ensure a suitable foundation is constructed, and the structure is securely fastened to the substrate to avoid any movement, if any of the finishing touches have been selected they will be incorporated into the install. Finally a full inspection will be carried out before signing off and handing over to the client

As a reputable company our work is of the highest quality, and we offer our clients professional trades people that have been fully checked and verified.

The final phase after the installation is complete, is to address any areas that require remedial work, so the new addition blends into it’s new surroundings.

What is the ground bolt system and how does it work?

On the smaller structures the ground bolt system is recommended for use. This is basically a 400mm corkscrew shaped bolt that is hammered into the ground, then is fastened to the side of the structure wall to stop lateral movement, keeping your structure safe and secure.

What is DPC ?

This is a called Damp Proof Course, and we use it to line the inside of the planters we design and build. This is so no water can leach into the wood that could result in the wood decaying and rotting.

What is the on-site schedule of works?

X-Scapes ltd provide a detailed schedule of works, giving the client a timetable of when each element of the project is to be started and completed. Note- this could change due to unforeseen problems and weather conditions.


How do i maintain my X-Scapes structure?

X-scapes provide you with an Aftercare service that covers all the maintenance of your seating structure which Include a full inspection of the structure's integrity, lighting and flooring and address any issues if defective. Finally a treatment of all the wooden elements is carried out (colour & clear paint).

How will the wood react- movement?

Wood reacts to the atmospheric moisture and temperature, when it is cold and damp the wood will contract, when the temperature increases the wood will expand and may result in the wood splitting and cracking as it releases moisture. The moisture in wood is chemically bound in the walls of the wood cells and cannot freeze, and expansion and contraction continues at below freezing temperatures. Wood does acclimatise more slowly at lower temperatures. Although it’s constantly expanding and contracting, wood does not move equally in all directions. The grain structure causes it to move differently in three different directions.

Why has my untreated seating structure changed to silver/Grey colour?

The natural weathering process of wood is a combination of chemical, mechanical, biological and light-induced changes, all of which occur simultaneously and affect each other. For instance, as air moves over the surface of wood, dust, pollen, dirt, and air pollutants replace the exposed colored cells of the wood. This slow transformation is also made possible through the exposure of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, or in coastal areas by salt particles. Depending on the species of wood, these changes can occur anywhere between a few months to a few years and is totally natural.

Why is sap leaching out of the wood?

Larch has a high resin content and the amount of sap that can be produced can depend on when in the season the tree was harvested. During the warmer summer months you may experience some of the resin/sap leaching out to the surface of the heartwood and the ends. This process is natural and can be cleaned off simply by using a scraper tool with the grain of the wood.

As a precaution to where you may sit be mindful of this transfer to clothing. (X-scapes can’t be held responsible for any damage to clothing.)

Why is my structure making crackling noises?

If you hear your seating structure making crackling noises, don't panic this is perfectly normal and is due to the wood expanding and releasing moisture in the summer months you may also see little splits appearing in the wood and knots becoming loose, this is the natural movement of wood as the moisture escapes.

What is Biomass?

Biomass is biological material derived from living, or recently living organisms. In the context of biomass for energy this is often used to mean plant based material, but biomass can equally apply to both animal and vegetable derived material. We turn all our fine sawdust into biomass wood pellets that can be used in domestic and commercial heating systems.

What is resin bonded gravel?

Resin bound paving fixes together small natural aggregates with high-tech U.V stable resin to form a firm, attractive surface. It creates many small gaps that allow water to drain through into the ground. Resin bound paving surface varies between 12mm and 24mm - depending on the size and type of stone used and the application.

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