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Our Approach

Consultation process for a bespoke project

  • Initial meeting site survey
  • Basic design
  • Follow up
  • Brief approval and Design commission
  • Quotation and signing agreement of works
  • Schedule of works

Initial meeting

On the initial meeting, X-scapes will discuss your requirements for your proposed project and what you wish to achieve. The meeting will involve a basic site survey if required*. A walk around with you to get a feel for the space and assess an overview of layout for sun, privacy, size of the plot and a rough budget.

Basic design

From the first meeting, the details of the brief will be noted providing us with sufficient information to formulate a basic concept enabling us to generate a simple plan view drawing of the proposed space for your consideration.

Follow up

A second meeting will involve presenting the basic plan design and discuss any further developments or alterations as necessary, helping to evolve the design so that it truly reflects your requirements. In conclusion of the plan approval, fees for a commitment for drafting a detailed design will be discussed.

Brief approval and design commission

X-scapes will charge an initial commission fee** to generate detailed rendered drawings of how the finished project will look based on the original plan design. A detailed brief will be drafted to accompany the artistic impressions of your proposed space.


Once the final design drawings and renders have been approved and signed off X-scapes will generate a detailed quote for all the works to be carried out.

Schedule of works

Upon approval of the brief, rendered designs and material specifications, a works contract agreement will then be drafted and signed by both parties with the project quotation. Once both parties have signed off the agreement the project works will commence on the agreed date.

* A third party professional Site survey may be required dependant on the project and size of the site.

** The commission fee will be waived from the final invoice with the signing of the contract agreement if the project commences.

Fees: The fees for the above services vary for each project subject to its size and requirements; a breakdown can be supplied on request.

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